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  • 01/04/13--08:56: Is Your Ice Too Nice?
  • I might be exaggerating, but I bet I’m the only person in my entire town who woke up yesterday morning happy that it was just three degrees out. Three degrees is cold, even for New England. But when I jumped out of bed, ran over to the thermometer and saw 3.2 on the screen, I could hardly contain my excitement. Was it because I left $50 worth of fresh shrimp in the backseat of my car and forgot to bring […] Click to read more…

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  • 01/18/13--11:07: Give The Gift Of You
  • I have two questions for you, both based on the following, hypothetical situation: Suppose I told you that in my spare time, I had developed a solution to one of your biggest life problems – the kind of problem that literally keeps you up at night. I don’t know … maybe I discovered a way to help you lose weight and stay in shape effortlessly.   Listen To This Post … maybe I can show you how to save so […] Click to read more…

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  • 02/28/13--13:13: Boogie Nights
  • I’ve been thinking all day about a conversation I had yesterday with one of the solo professionals in my (fabulous) one year marketing class. We talked about money. More specifically, we talked about the fear of “not having enough of it.” He’s relatively new to working solo and confided that this is the one thing that keeps him up at night. Me too (more about that in a minute). When it comes to money, there’s a funny contrast between having […] Click to read more…

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  • 08/02/13--13:02: That’s The Way You Do It
  • I don’t know for sure, but I’m willing to bet that my 14-year-old son Jonathan will never have a “real job.” Last week was a perfect example of why not. We were up in beautiful Burlington, Vermont for a couple of days, visiting Champlain College. My wife Linda is an independent college counselor (she doesn’t have a real job either) and while she toured the campus and met with mucky mucks during the day, Jonathan, my 17-year-old daughter Emily and […] Click to read more…

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  • 09/27/13--08:32: Dependently Wealthy
  • So there I was, as I often am on a Tuesday night, sitting in our town’s dive bar with my buddy Matt. We go there pretty much every week, after playing a couple of hours of basketball in our local middle school gym. It’s a terrific ritual and one which I confess to looking forward to all week long.   Listen To This Post Not only is it fun, somehow I get a great deal of satisfaction knowing that the […] Click to read more…

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  • 12/20/13--08:28: Let It Snow
  • I got the message around 2 pm. My wife, Linda, emailed to say that because of the snowstorm, she had just heard that all after school events were cancelled for the day. Ouch. My weekly basketball game is in the middle school gym – if they shut down the schools, they shut down the game. I was very unhappy; my game night preparations were already well underway: I had eaten a big lunch, knowing I wouldn’t eat again until at […] Click to read more…

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    “Hi honey, how was school? Did you kill anybody today?” I’ll be the first to admit, this is not a normal, end of the day greeting for one’s 18-year-old daughter. Then again, May is not a normal month here in Hopkinton, Massachusetts. At least, that is, if you have a child who is a high school senior, as I do. Because every spring, in our town and in many others across the country, high school seniors engage in a month-long […] Click to read more…

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  • 09/19/14--08:58: I’m All About That Pace
  • I have nothing personal against bees; I’ve heard that their lives can get quite busy and that’s fine by me. But this year, the bees in my yard have been uncharacteristically abundant and aggressive. I’ve been stung twice and my son once, both in the course of mowing the lawn. These particular bees (technically, they’re wasps, but I don’t think you really care) build their nests in the ground and when you step on them, well, you can guess the […] Click to read more…

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    I’m guessing you’ve heard about – if not experienced firsthand – the abysmal stretch of weather we’ve had here in New England over the past couple of weeks. After a December and good part of January in which it barely snowed at all, my town – a suburb 25 miles west of Boston – has received over 50 inches of snow just since the Academy Award nominations were announced last month (not that I am suggesting a connection). Indeed, in […] Click to read more…

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  • 03/26/15--13:10: Care To Make It Interesting?
  • You’ll be pleased to know that in just a few short weeks, my son Evan will graduate from Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee (school motto: We’ve never heard of you either). In addition to his academic work, key accomplishments include fronting a (now defunct) band, co-founding a nonprofit newspaper for the homeless and launching a (recently venture-funded) business. He’s had a great run and, needless to say, we are quite proud. But I have to tell you, the one thing […] Click to read more…

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  • 09/03/15--13:00: Fly The Friendly Skies
  • The truth is, I’m not actually afraid of heights … I’m afraid of falling from heights. This may seem like a minor distinction, but it’s the reason why I have no problem inside an airplane, glass elevator or shaky gondola (a great name for a band), but break into a cold sweat (literally) when stepping out onto a fifth floor balcony. And so it was with some confidence that I quickly and eagerly said yes when my brother-in-law Neale invited […] Click to read more…

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  • 10/16/15--09:09: Rules Of Engagement
  • My flight’s landing into McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas last week was aborted at the last minute. Seriously. Not an oxygen-mask-deploying, Denzel-Washington-piloting, grown-men-sobbing (hey, I never said I was brave) abort, but scary all the same. We were coming in for what seemed like a normal landing on a beautiful, clear day. Suddenly, with the runway already visible, the plane abruptly changed its mind and steeply banked upward for several minutes, going back up through the clouds. Listen To […] Click to read more…

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  • 10/30/15--07:06: Leader Of The Pack
  • I run, but not very fast. Drop me into a 5K race and you can pretty much set your watch by my 10-minute miles (not that I recommend this). My children, on the other hand, are rather speedy. Youngest child Jonathan, for example, runs cross country as a high school junior and is solidly in the top seven or eight among his 40+ teammates. As a practical matter, that means that during a race with one (or more) other teams, […] Click to read more…

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  • 02/05/16--09:47: Hunger Games
  • I live by two simple rules: Rule #1: Never sit in the front row of a comedy or dolphin show. In both cases, you’re liable to be more involved than you’d like. Rule #2: Never shop for food when you’re hungry. Here, you’re apt to buy things that you neither want nor need. And yet there I was, just this past Sunday, strolling into the Hannaford Supermarket around 2pm. I’d been running around all morning. I hadn’t eaten lunch. We […] Click to read more…

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  • 06/21/17--15:42: To Xfinity And Beyond
  • The first concert I ever attended was on June 3, 1978 at Nassau Coliseum on Long Island. Unfortunately, the performer was Bruce Springsteen. I say unfortunately, because as any number of rock ‘n’ roll enthusiasts will tell you, Bruce Springsteen just may be the best live performer on Earth. And so after experiencing his speaker-climbing, story-telling, crowd-surfing, three-plus-hour extravaganza, I simply assumed this was the norm for live concerts. Listen To This Post That was a big mistake. Seeing Springsteen […] Click to read more…

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  • 09/29/17--08:34: The Nature Of The Beast
  • I won’t lie to you – horses kind of scare me. They are just so immense. Of course, there are other large animals out there too. But you don’t often find yourself standing next to them. Or, as happened to me recently, climbing onto their backs and riding them (whose idea was this?). We were out in Western Colorado visiting my wife’s college friend Edie. Edie and her husband, Gary, live up in the hills at about 7,500 feet. They […] Click to read more…

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    You’ll be pleased to learn that as of yesterday, I have a brand new phone: an iPhone 6S.  It’s by no means top of the line. But it is new and, unlike my old phone, fast, filled with extra capacity, and capable of running every app I want and need. It’s also, I must say, a work of art. Weighing just a hair over five ounces, and barely a quarter of an inch thick, holding it in your hand is like […] Click to read more…